Publicatie: Music in East Africa

Music in East Africa
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experiencing music, expressing culture
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Oxford University Press
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139 p.
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Introduces readers to the various ways in which historical musical traditions and present-day musical performances either collide, fuse, or remain mutually exclusive in contemporary East Africa. Through descriptions of performances and case studies that detail the lives of individual musicians, the author shows how people in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania create, dance to, and interact with traditional East African music. It looks at the defining principle of musical performance in East Africa - how drumming, singing, dancing, and drama are deeply connected to traditional cultures. This book highlights the importance of individual musicians as specialized members of communities and describes the role of musical performance in such social systems as popular entertainment and religious rituals. It also shows how traditional East African music and performance has responded to modernization, colonization, commercialism, and nationalism. The cd contains examples of the music discussed in the text. 'Music in East Africa' is one of several case-study volumes that can be used along with 'Thinking Musically', the core book in the Global Music Series.
Afrika, muziek, wereldmuziek, wereldcultuur,
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G. Barz