Publicatie: Research on impacts of arts education

Research on impacts of arts education
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German-Dutch perspectives
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Collection of research contributions presented at the 'German-Dutch Colloquium on Research into the Arts Education', which took place on 6 and 7 April 2017 in Amsterdam. This collection provides an interdisciplinary insight to the state of the art of German-Dutch research on the impacts of arts education.


Chapter I: Introduction

Impressions of a Friendly Debate, pp. 12-18
Teunis IJdens, Folkert Haanstra, National Centre of Expertise for Cultural Education and Amateur Arts [LKCA]
Two issues are outlined in this volume:
- The motives, methods and merits of research into so-calded transfer effects of arts and cultural education;
- The uses of research for practice, i.e. the adaptation and incorporation of findings and insights into arts teaching and cultural education practice at school and out-of-school.

Chapter II: Research projects

Fostering Language Skills in Preschool Using Musical Training: Opportunities and Challenges, pp. 22-28
Sascha Schroeder, Lorenz Grolig

Music Composition in the Primary School, pp. 30-37
Michel Hogenes

Thalamic Multisensory Integration: Music Matters, pp. 38-44
Artur Jaschke

Assessing Progression in Creative and Critical Thinking Skills in Mathematics and Visual Arts, pp. 46-56
Marianne Boogaard, Liselotte van Loon-Dikkers, Marieke Buisman

[PosyMus] Potentials of Electronic Feedback Systems in Music Class, pp. 58-63
Andreas Lehmann-Wermser, Benjamin Weyel

The Voice of the Teacher. Using Research Solicites Logbooks as a Research Tool in Arts Education, pp. 64-69
Edwin van Meerkerk

Investgating the impact of Arts Education in Youth Art Schools. Coclusions Drawn from the Use of Quantitative an Qualitative Methods in the Research Project 'juArt', pp. 70-81
Marina Stuckert, Ivo Züchner

Effects of Arts Education Activities on Creativity?, pp. 82-90
Katrin Knoll, Ludwig Stecher

Chapter III: Perspectives

Research on Arts Education. Experiences and Perspectives, p. 94-99
Eckart Liebau, Chairman, Council for Arts Education

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